Self-organizing, Mobility Aware, Reliable and Timely Body-Area-Networks

The SMART-BAN project aims to optimize the energy consumption of wireless Body Area Networks for medical applications while minimizing its impact on the human body. The project gathers researchers from different fields ranging from electromagnetics and communication theory to computer science. By undertaking a trans-disciplinary approach, fundamental energy limitations will be drawn and optimal communication strategies for reliably routing and aggregating data will be developed.

Context and objectives

[PNG] Smart-BanTo improve the efficiency of the medical sector, recent years have witnessed the emergence of wireless Body Area Networks (BANs). BANs are sensor networks that are embedded on the human body and provide useful healthcare monitoring such as EEG, ECG, blood pressure... The use of wireless technology to interconnect sensors enables practical and seamless means to monitor patients and thus can lead to more efficient management in hospital or during mass-casualty disasters. As sensors become more and more miniaturized, BAN could be worn permanently by people, thereby enabling continuous monitoring. One could then dream of preventing striking decease. Continuous monitoring also represents a comfortable and effective economic way of taking care of age-related illnesses.

However, to consider such a future, BAN will need to have a huge autonomy. That is why the main goal of the SMART-BAN project is to find a way to reach the fundamental lower limit of power consumption in BAN. This will be achieved by jointly taking into account the physics involved in the wireless propagation around the human body and the dynamic distributed topology of the BAN sensor network. This approach will enable the greatest autonomy as well as reducing the human exposure to electromagnetic waves.


Partners: L2E, LIP6, LTCI



Laboratory of Excellence SMART (ANR-11-LABX-65) is supported by French State funds managed by the ANR within the Investissements d'Avenir programme under reference  ANR-11-IDEX-0004-02
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