Phd Theses

[20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012]


Apprentissage profond pour la reconnaissance multi-modale texte/image
Remi Cadène (2016-2019)
Supervisors: Nicolas Thome (LIP6) 

Stimulation Tactile de la Main
Basil Duvernoy (2016-2019)
Supervisors: Vincent Hayward (ISIR) 

Evaluation de l’activité des réseaux sensitifs cortico-sous-corticaux
Sahar Hssain (2016-2019)
Supervisors: Véronique Marchand (LIB) 

Deep Neural Networks and Multimodal Semantic Role Labeling for Question Answering
Eloi Zablocki (2016-2019)
Supervisors: Patrick Gallinari (LIP6)




Interaction tangible et interface homme/machine semi-automatisée pour la microrobotique
Justine Saint-Aubert (2015-2018)
Supervisors: Sinan Haliyo (ISIR)

 Problèmes d'accord et détecteurs de défaillances dans les réseaux dynamiques
Denis Jeanneau (2015-2018)
Supervisors: Pierre Sens (LIP6) and Luciana Arantes (LIP6)

Machine Learning for Sequential Interactive Models
Aurélia Léon (2015-2018)
Supervisors: Ludovic Denoyer (LIP6)

Study of social cues exchanged during natural interactions 
Sheng Fang (2015-2018)
Supervisors: Catherine Achard (ISIR) and Séverine Dubuisson (ISIR)


Flexible Queries for Smart Information Extraction
Sébastien Lefort (2014-2017)                                                                          
Supervisors: Marie-Jeanne Lesot (LIP6) and Elisabetta Zibetti (CHArt)

Automatic acquisition of sensori-motor concepts for a robot
Carlos Maestre (2014-2017)
Supervisors: Stéphane Doncieux (ISIR) and Christophe Gonzales (LIP6)

Modeling interactional neurophysiological activity using latent variables
Ayoub Hajlaoui (2014-2017) 
Supervisors: Mohamed Chetouani (ISIR) and Slim Essid (TSI)

Multimodal analysis and recognition of social signals: application to social stance generation in virtual agents
Thomas Janssoone (2014-2017)
Supervisors: G. Richard, Chloé Clavel (LTCI) and Kevin Bailly (ISIR)

Embedded architecture and physiological sensors
Wenlu Yang (2014-2017)
Supervisors: Christophe Marsala (LIP6), Maria Rifqi (LIP6) and Andrea Pinna (LIP6) 


Machine learning under constrained budget for information extraction and search applications
Gabriella Contardo (2013-2016) 
Supervisors: Thierry Artières (LIP6) and Ludovic Denoyer (LIP6)

Temporal adaptation of interaction
Kevin Sanlaville (2013-2016)
Supervisors: Catherine Pelachaud (LTCI), Frédéric Bevilacqua (STMS) and G. Assayag (STMS)

Navigation learning with mutilple models under budgeted contraints
Nassim Aklil (2013-2016)
Supervisors: Mehdi Khamassi (ISIR) and Ludovic Denoyer (LIP6)

Self-organizing, Mobility Aware, Reliable and Timely Body-Area-Networks
Quentin Bramas (2013-2016)
Supervisors: Sébastien Tixeuil (LIP6) 


Autonomic Distributed Environments for Mobility
Mohamed-Hamza Kaaouachi (2012-2015)
Supervisors : Franck Petit (LIP6) and François Jouen (CHArt)

Complex Networks Dynamics for the Study of the Structure-Function Relationship in the Human Brain.
Aurélie Garnier (2012-2015)
Supervisors : Habib Benali (LIB) and Jean-Pierre Françoise (LJLL)




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