Institut for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) 

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The Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory which brings together researchers and academics from different disciplines of Engineering Sciences and Information and the Life Sciences. 150 people work at the ISIR including 52 researchers / teachers and CNRS researchers, 60 PhD and 30 postdoc.



Human and artificial cognitions Laboratories (Chart-Lutin) 



The laboratory Chart-Lutin is a laboratory that includes 18 researchers and which has as its object of study the natural and artificial cognitive systems and their interactions pragmatic and semantic. Chart-Lutin is defined as an interdisciplinary laboratory for collaborative research between research in humanities, life sciences and information technology.



Electronics and Electromagnetism Laboratory (L2E)


The L2E (UR2) is a research unit of UPMC, and belongs to the Faculty of Engineering . The research activities of L2E aim to provide a range of analysis methods and models to explain phenomena of electromagnetics wave propagation in complex environments, and innovative or disruptive electronic solutions to meet specific needs expressed in the domains of telecommunication, health, defense, aerospace and automotive industry.



Biomedical Imaging Lab (LIB)


The Biomedical Imaging Lab (LIB) specializes in fundamental research and applications of biomedical imaging methods for morphologic, functional and molecular exploration of small animals and humans. The main investigation foci are are among the twenty-first century public health priorities: bone, cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. We develop new diagnosis and treatment methodologies in our main field of investigation, including bright light microscopy, ultrasound, MRI, CT and SPECT-PET.

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Paris 6 Computer Science Lab (LIP6)

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LIP6 is a joint UPMC and CNRS research lab, which bring together most of the UPMC’s computer science researchers. 524 people including 19 CNRS and INRIA researchers, 158 teaching researchers and 272 Ph.D. students use the lab’s facilities. 






Information processing and Communication Electronics Laboratory (LTCI)


The activities of the Laboratory of Processing and Communication of Information include:
Signal processing, image processing, pattern recognition, 3D objects, conversational agents, multimedia (speech, audio, music, images, video), document analysis, multimodal biometrics, technologies communicating person-wave interactions.




Jacques Louis-Lions Laboratory (JJLL)


With over 160 members, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions is one of the largest laboratories in France in applied mathematics. Research conducted at the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory are applied mathematics. More specifically it concerns the mathematical modeling of physical phenomena in the broad sense, ie phenomena from physics, but also mechanics, biology, medicine, chemistry, information processing, the economics, finance, etc.. 




Laboratory of the Technology of Music and Sound (STMS)


The STMS lab is a joint Research Unit CNRS UMR9912 associates, the Ministry of Culture and IRCAM around a theme of interdisciplinary research on science and technology of music and sound. It is attached to principal at the Institute of Computer Science and their interactions with secondary and other institutions, especially the sciences and engineering systems (SIS), the Social Sciences (SHS) and biological Sciences (SB).


Laboratory of Excellence SMART (ANR-11-LABX-65) is supported by French State funds managed by the ANR within the Investissements d'Avenir programme under reference  ANR-11-IDEX-0004-02
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